Choose The Best Massage Chair for Neck & Shoulders for Athletes

When you speak of massage, you’d imagine of one cozy afternoon in a spa with your skin being satisfied with a milk bath, feeling the heat of the sauna, and rejuvenating your skin with fresh flowers herbs, oil, and essences.

However, there’s another type of massage- increasing trend which is called sports therapy massage.

Massage is a natural choice for warming up muscles before physical activity.

How To Pick The Top Massage Chair for Your Sport

Massage chairs are being built which can perform many sports related massages.  Shiatsu chairs are assembling an arsenal of massage therapies into their chairs.

Prior buying a massage chair consult witha professionals who whows what they are talking about and an experts on a subject of a massage chairs such as people from a Health Nerdy site.

Massage chairs are being built which can perform many sports related massages.  Shiatsu chairs are …

Massage Chairs – Day Spa Treatment at Home – I love It

I just got myself a massage chair, is in it crazy???? 🙂

After reading bunch of reviews I finally pulled the plug. I got advice about which massage chair is the best from guys from massage unravel site.

A relaxed and calm feeling is one of the most cherished feelings that is too good to forget. This comes rare especially when one is too busy working or at home.

Especially during a hectic day, you tend to imagine that you are taken care of or just take a quick break for a good massage, a soothing music and a tranquil ambiance.

If you are picturing these things right now, it’s time to get yourself a reward of relaxation through a massage chair such as Kahuna LM6800. Nowadays, massage chairs do not just massage your back area but your whole body as well, including the feet.

Massage chairs are very …

Great Workout Venues in My Home Town

Living in Austin is great when you’re a runner because there are lots of venues to choose from and lots of active people to share your run.

Austin is a VERY active town so we take our parks and trails seriously. City leaders work hard to preserve our green spaces and since we have a number of notable athletes residing here too, (you may have heard of Lance Armstrong) well, it’s an understatement to say we strive for quality in our outdoor spaces.

These are some of my favorite venues for working out. Please be mindful that there are MANY other wonderful venues around town that offer a rewarding workout experience but these are the most attractive and convenient for me.

Lady Bird Lake Hike & Bike Trail – Also known as the Town Lake Hike & Bike Trail, the “trail” as Austinites call it, offers a 10 mile loop …

Article I wanted To Publish For A While

After all the trauma of life the last couple of years, I was pretty sure this day would NEVER, EVER come, but it seems it has.

We’re 16 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound we had yesterday seems to indicate it’s a man child.

I am 100% excited about the fact that we’ve finally made it this far and things appear to be perfection. The pregnancy so far has been pretty easy breezy and with the exception of a couple of weeks of stomach issues thanks to a slow digestive system, I haven’t been sick at all.  Not a single instance of morning sickness, food aversions or the unbelievable exhaustion that usually accompanies the first trimester.  I am definitely more tired than usual but not EXHAUSTED like I was before and my immune system seems non-existant as I seem to get every single cold or bug that’s going around, but overall …